Who Are The Stakeholders


Committee Structure



Professional Member $10

Professional Member shall be a graduate of an engineering college or university or a registered Professional Engineer or Architect with at least 3 years' experience in the LPG energy sector.

Member $10

Member shall be a graduate from an engineering college or university or be a registered Professional Engineer or Architect. Persons who are qualified by experience or related degree may petition in writing for full membership consideration.

Charter Life Member $10

Charter Life Member shall be a Charter Member who wishes to show his or her support by paying lump sum dues for the life dues requirements. This grade will be limited to a number as determined by the Board of Trustees.

Affiliate Member $10

Affiliate Member shall be a person interested in the objectives of the Association who is not completely qualified to be a full member.

Corporate Member $10

Corporate Member shall be a corporation, firm or institution actively engaged in consulting, manufacturing of energy-related products or services or which endorses the policies of the Association.

Student Member $10

Student Member shall be a full-time matriculated student.

Retired Member $10

Retired Member shall be an individual retired from full-time employment in the industry who wishes to be an active participant in LPGASZ activities.

Young Energy Professional Member $10
Young Energy Professional Member shall be an individual under 25 years of age with an engineering, architectural, business, social or law degree. The date of birth must be provided when the membership application is submitted.

LIPEGA Fellow Member $10

LIPEGA Fellow will be the highest grade of membership available to an individual who has been an LPGSAZ member for a minimum of five continuous years and has received at least one of the three following honours:

  1. has been inducted into the LPGSAZ Energy Managers Hall of Fame;

  2. has been inducted into the Legends in Energy;

  3. has received a World LPG Association (WLPGA) International Individual Award.


In addition, the individual must have distinguished himself in the energy industry through books authored, patents granted, awards from other organizations, or other individual accomplishments. The application will be reviewed and must be approved by the LIPEGA Fellowship Trustee.

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